Através do Pilates em Belém procuramos adotar as melhores e mais atuais técnicas com o intuito de restaurar e manter a saúde de seu corpo.



Our Hatha classes focus on correctly aligning the body to improve general posture, breathing and circulation. Hatha is ideal for beginners and those with physical limitations.


Based on the traditional principles of Hatha, Anasura pratices assist students in forming a strong mind, body connection. Our Anasura classes best suit students with their own existing yoga routines.


Centered around the notion of physical and emotional balance, Restorative classes are perfect for students looking to alleviate stress and fatigue. Our restorative program includes all necessary equipment.


  • Prenatal Yoga Mon 9am - 11pm

    Our focussed prenatal workshop seeks to empower expecting mothers. We aid and assist in developing strength and stamina and offer strategies to relieve common pain associated with pregnancy.

  • Sports Pilates Wed 9am - 11pm

    Our much loved Pilates workshop is back again. Come in for an hour of high-intensity, fat burning activity. Special guest instructor Mel Harris (AIS Gymnastics Coach) will be taking no prisoners.


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